Rickrak For Top of Indian Full Tour Pak-Trunk

  • 15495

Due to size and weight we cannot ship these internationally.  These are special order items and not returnable. 
You have the option of RickRak only, or you can add a Bag to your RickRak. You can also add a RickRak Lock! (choose variations above & the price will adjust)

This Rickrak attaches to your Indian full touring model with a luggage rack on top of the trunk. No more straps or bungee cords needed!! You can now travel in style and have a bag that actually looks good on your bike and adds additional storage when used along with your Tour-Pak (trunk). When you get to your destination you can just easily unclamp your bag. You can mount your own bag to the Rickrak quick attach or you can choose one of our quality bags that is assured to work with the Rickrak!!

  • LOCKABLE.. your tour bag can be easily locked to your luggage rack, preventing theft
  • Quickly and securely attaches your Tour Bag to the luggage rack on your Harley Tour Pak
  • No straps required
  • Protected contact areas won’t harm surfaces
  • Hardware included for attaching your Tour Bag or other items to the RickRak
  • Durable black powder coated surfaces

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