Titan SDML-1000D Motorcycle Lift

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$300.00 Flat Rate Shipping to the lower 48!

We highly recommend this motorcycle lift table and have used it on many Law Abiding Biker™ motorcycle projects and films. We would not list motorcycle lifts in this store that we did not recommend and trust. 

In this video we are using the SDML-1000D motorcycle lift table with additional accessories that we highly recommend you get such as side extension panels and stabilizer bar. You will also see a Titan 1,000 lb Motorcycle Mini Jack that we also suggest you get with the lift. We strap our motorcycles down to the lift with Titan Deluxe Tie Down Ratchet Straps

You might also consider purchasing a Titan Bulldog Custom Profile Wheel Chock which you can use on your lift,  in your garage, and on a trailer. This would replace the front wheel vise that comes standard on this lift. 



The heavy-duty diamond plated Titan 1000D is an air powered lift table that has a 1,000 lb. lifting capacity and an extra long working table so that even your longest motorcycle won't have a problem fitting on the 99" work space. With it's comfortable 35" working height, the 1000D is a perfect addition to any shop or home garage. Choose between two different powder coating color schemes of Black & Grey or Black & Orange.

  • Front Wheel Vise
  • Multi-Positional Front Table Extension
  • Standard Rear Wheel Drop Out
  • Roller Plate Drop Out
  • Detachable Ramp
  • Air Powered Lift Controls
  • Two Wheeled Dolly
**Does NOT include stabilizer bar**


Length w/Front Extension (Position 1) 99"
Length w/Front Extension (Position 1) & Ramp 120"
Length w/Front Extension (Position 2) 94.5"
Length w/Front Extension (Position 2) & Ramp 114.5"
Length w/Front Extension (Position 3) 89.5"
Length w/Front Extension (Position 3) & Ramp 109.5"
Front Extension 24.5" x 23.75"

Shipping Info

Shipping Length 91"
Shipping Width 27"
Shipping Height 13"
Shipping Weight 525 lb


Lifting Capacity 1,000 lb
Power Unit Air Only
Min Length 87.5"
Max Length 99"
Width 24"
Min Height 8"
Max Height 35"

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