RickRak Stainless Steel Saddlebag Safety Bolts for Harley-Davidson

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How securely attached are your saddlebags? If you have heard about saddlebags falling off, this has truly happened! 2016 and prior Harley models use a vulnerable 1/4 turn pin attachment system, which has had recalls. There are true stories of saddlebags falling off while going down the road! If it’s already happened to you, you know all about it. If it hasn't then DON'T LET IT! These are also a great replacements for 2017 and up Harley's. Get rid of that clunky lever and stop getting hung up on it when taking gear out of your saddlebags! You may also be interested in our less expensive Law Abiding Biker branded polymer saddlebag safety bolts.

Set of 4 included.

We include everything you need to install our Saddlebag Safety Bolt Kit. You get the U-nut to be placed on your bike, the Stainless Steel machined knob with bolts, Stainless Steel washers, and a retaining washer. The Rickrak solution for Harley saddlebag safety looks great on your bike and offers superior heavy duty Stainless Steel Safety. 

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