Bugslide 3-Pack of Microfiber Towels

Bugslide 3-Pack of Microfiber Towels

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  • Don't Ride Without the Slide!
  • Clean your entire motorcycle with Bugslide-Paint, Plastic, Metal, Chrome & More!
  • High Quality Replacement 14"x14" Microfiber Towels.  3 to a package.

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We've tried many all-purpose motorcycle cleaners here at Law Abiding Biker™ over the years. We absolutely can't find a better cleaner than Bugslide, which is why we carry it here in our store. It is our exclusive "go to" cleaner for all our motorcycle cleaning needs. Bugslide is a quality product. Use it on your motorcycle, car, boat, & more! Don't waste your time & money trying other inadequate cleaners on your pride and joy. 

Note: Yes, Bugslide works perfect on Harley denim paint (primer dull look).


  • BugSlide is a complete waterless detailer that cleans, shines and degreases while removing bugs and other surface contaminants with ease.
  • BugSlide leaves a protective, microscopic finish that continuously repels dust, dirt, water and fingerprints.
  • Never need to wax again! The release agent in BugSlide contains a UV filter for added protection and dries crystal clear with no yellowing, no build-up an no powdery residue.
  • BugSlide is body shop safe and contains no wax, petroleum, silicone, Teflon or ammonia.
  • BugSlide is free of abrasives and is safe on all non-porous surfaces including; paint, chrome, glass, fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, plexiglas, plastic, lexan, vinyl and leather.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bug Slide Microfiber Towels

These are nice towels, use them all the time.


These micro fibers are the best I have found for cleaning road grim off!

Best towels I’ve used

Plain & simple the best towels I’ve used! I’ve tried Costco, stuff from auto parts stores, etc. These are the best.

Does the job

They work and reasonably priced .... I use it to touch up my bike .... it’s black so shows every lil print
Very satisfied with purchase

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