IMC Headsets-New Biker Boom!

New/Improved Biker Boom Headset. iMC Motorcom Harley Davidson headsets will work on 7 Pin audio/intercom systems from 1998-Current Model Year. iMC Motorcom headsets provide outstanding audio for both music and communication, with advanced noise canceling microphones designed specifically for motorcycle use. Headsets are available for any helmet including those riders who are helmetless.

Get the #1 rated headset for Harley's! Also works & integrates with the Harley-Davidson Boom!™ Box Infotainment System!

  • The IMC Headset can do it all. 100% Full Harley Boom!™ Box Infotainment System Integration!! Voice commands, turn by turn directions, skip songs, tune stations, internal intercom, CB radio, phone calls and more!