Sena +Mesh Bluetooth to Mesh Intercom Adapter

Sena +Mesh Bluetooth to Mesh Intercom Adapter

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Introducing +Mesh, the Bluetooth to Mesh Intercom Adapter from Sena!

With +Mesh, any Sena headset can now enjoy the benefits of Mesh technology when using the intercom. The +Mesh wireless adapter for Sena headsets allows for seamless communication with other Sena headsets built with Mesh Intercom, rather than connecting over Bluetooth, with a range up to 800 meters (0.5 miles).

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Mesh Intercom Is a Step Above the Rest!

The easy-to-use +Mesh adapter will turn any headset into a more advanced and flexible communication device with the simple push of a button. Mesh-network technology will instantly connect you to a virtually limitless amount of users and provides a more stable connection by intelligently searching for for lost intercom connections and automatically reconnecting them once back within range, while the rest of the group stays together.

Easy to Use, Easy to Install!

To ensure the best connection between your headset and the +Mesh, simply attach the adapter to any surface on your motorcycle. For optimal results and to maximize your intercom range, mount the +Mesh in a spot that provides the most direct line of sight to the rider(s) with whom you wish to connect. Whats included?  The Mesh & Antenna, a flat surface mount, a handlebar mount and a USB Power and Data Cable.



  • Operating Temperature: -10˚C - 55˚C (14°F - 131°F)
  • Dimension: 45 mm x 187 mm x 26 mm (1.8 in x 7.4 in x 1.0 in)
  • Weight: 60 g ( 2.1 oz)


  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Connection Distance: 10 meters


  • Mesh Intercom™ Technology : Open communication (public mode)
  • Mesh Intercom™ Distance: 800 meters (880 yards)


  • Talk Time: up to 13 hours
  • Charging Time: 2 hours


  • CE, FCC, IC

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