iMC 7 Pin headset for Harley's. Half Helmet & Helmetless Headset Kit. HS H140P

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We are now proud to offer the #1 rated wired headset for Harley's! Also works & integrates with the Harley-Davidson Boom!™ Box Infotainment System!

Please note, if using on 2019 and newer GTS system it will not work with Apple Car Play. All other functions work correctly. 

If using for 2-up communications we recommend you use the same brand for rider and passenger to deter any brand to brand issues. 

Note: See helpful videos below!

  • The IMC Headset can do it all. 100% Full Harley Boom!™ Box Infotainment System Integration!! Voice commands, turn by turn directions, skip songs, tune stations, internal intercom, CB radio, phone calls and more!

Motorcycle Compatibility:

  • Harley 7 Pin Audio System 1998 to Present

Helmet Compatibility:

  • Half Helmet, Helmetless

The IMC Motorcom 7 Pin half helmet headset is designed for the factory installed intercom system on Harley Davidson models equipped with a 7 Pin audio/intercom system. The headset allows riders with a half helmet or no helmet to utilize all of the audio system functions flawlessly. Now you don't have to let your headset make you use a certain type of helmet. This combo provides better performance than headsets that cost twice as much and have half the warranty.

    The rugged coiled connecting cord is designed for years of reliable service. The over the ear speakers offer excellent sound quality and do not require a helmet to install. The special noise canceling microphone will make this a must-have for your next trip.


    • Directional noise canceling microphone reduces ambient noise for crisp communication
    • Half helmet headset wraps comfortably around back of head so no installation or helmet is required
    • Flat panel speakers with metal casings provide great range of sound for music and loud audio for intercom
    • Superior quality; the product is backed by a two-year warranty


    • Speakers: Stereo speakers with over the ear mounting headset
    • Microphone: Flexible noise canceling boom microphone
    • Cable: Two piece coiled cable with mini-din connector. Length up to 100cm
    • Connector: 7 Pin headset for Harley Davidson Ultra Classic

    Manufacturer Part # HS H140P

    Note: (Add-on 7-pin DIN kits)(Street Glide, Road Glide Etc)(Affiliate Links)

    If your Harley touring model, such as a Street Glide, Road Glide etc, doesn't come stock with the 7-pin DIN plug, you can easily purchase and install an add-on kit. Then you can utilize a Biker Boom wired headset! See our free 7-pin DIN install video below!

    Guide Only: Make certain you get the right kit for your year/model

    2014 & Newer 7-pin DIN Kit:

    2008-2013 7-pin DIN Kit:

    1998-2008 NO KIT:

    • Your touring Harley had to have come stock with the 7-pin DIN.

    Helpful Videos:

    IMC-Best Wired Headset For Harley 7-pin | Boom Box Integration!

    Install IMC Harley Wired Headset in Helmet | Tutorial
    IMC Headset & Harley Boom Box Infotainment Setup & Instructions

    Install Harley 7-pin DIN Music & Communications Kit or Plug | DIY

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    When will you have more in stock

    I really wanted to order one today but they are outta stock, 😳😟 when will you have more in stock? I have a 2018 Tri-Glide that I want it far before our trip.

    Satisfied customer

    Works as advertised, all functions are available and works fine. Headset pinches my ears slightly while wearing my helmet , however, my helmet is not a true half helmet as it covers my ears. I’m replacing that helmet soon and will keep that in mind when shopping. It’s fine without a helmet. I use a modular helmet while touring and will be ordering the appropriate headset from you soon. 4.99 stars.

    GREAT Buy!

    These are great and Law-abiding saved us time and effort on research with their reviews and effort... And we couldn't get them cheaper even from the manufacturer!! No issues with connectivity or sound.

    Thanks again guys!

    1/2 helmet headsets

    outspend sound quality even at 65 mph
    highly recommend them


    Definitely better than the HD headset you have to attach to the helmet. This one sits nicely on the neck and ears. Speakers cover all of the ear. The only issue we have is wind noise coming through the speakers. No matter where you position the mic, the wind noise is there.

    Paul, that is the issue at times depending on whether your windshield is shorter, or if you are riding with no windshield at all. Not really an issue with the headset itself. We have tested these in many environments including too low and no windshield. We recommend a tall enough windshield that kicks the air above your helmet if you are wanting to enjoy the audio quality over the wind in your face.

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