Law Abiding Biker Style Saddlebag Safety Bolts for Harley-Davidson by Rickrak

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We heard you loud and clear.  While our Rickrak Stainless Steel Saddlebag Safety Bolts are fantastic and highly recommended, some of you are looking for a less expensive option without compromising quality. So, we partnered with Rickrak to provide these high-quality Law Abiding Biker branded saddlebag safety bolts for Harley. These have a high-quality polymer knob instead of stainless steel.  No quality was compromised with these safety bolts and everything you need comes in the kit. 
How securely attached are your Harley saddlebags? There are many true stories of saddlebags coming off while going down the road! 2016 and prior Harley models use a vulnerable 1/4 turn pin attachment system that has had recalls in the past. 
If it’s already happened to you, you know all about it, if it hasn’t happened to you stop it before it does.
Additionally, on 2017 and up models, these bolts have a lower profile than the clunky stock lever system.  Stop those hang-ups while trying to take stuff out of your saddlebags!
Set of 4 included.
We include everything you need to install our Saddlebag Safety Bolt Kit. You get the spring nut to be placed on your bike, the polymer knob with the bolt,  flat washers, and lock washers. 

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